The Grand Traverse Circuit

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The Grand Traverse Circuit intends to grow & enhance the community as a whole, collaborating to make our community a better place locally, nationally, and globally. We are a IRS recognized 501(c)3.

Our Mission is to provide a quality venue for the community, and collaboratively facilitate experiential events that promote education and awareness in the cultural/performing arts, wellness, educational, environmental, and technology areas.

These events (performances/workshops, etc.) will be offered by local and national professionals, artists, businesses, youth and elders.

We also provide Art Therapy and Counseling and Wellness programming to those in need. Specific programs are provided to those that are affected by illness or trauma; whether caregivers, patients, or those in the helping professions.

Our event space for the community will promote a myriad of events for personal & business related purposes and create positive energy for the community at large.

As we Grow we intend to create scholarships for: